Youth Ministry

About the group

This is a group which serves teens aged 13-19 year and youth aged 20- 35. Youth Services are held in the Youth Tent every Sunday from to


  • District Elder - Elder George Kimiti
  • Youth coordinator - Mr. James Maingi
  • Chairman - Trevor Mbuthia
  • Vice Chair - Lyne wambui
  • Secretary - John kuria
  • Vice Secretary - Lydiah Kahiga
  • Treasurer - Ian chira

Roles of the group

  • To take care, guide and mentor the youth and teens in the parish
  • To promote spiritual nourishment among the members
  • To develop programmes that enhance social, economic and spiritual growth.
  • Spiritual- Programmes such as bible study, worship services, outreach and mentorship
  • Economic/ financial empowerment through programmes such as professional development, networking and job searching skills
  • Social development through retreats, getaways and VBS
  • Volunteer services: e.g. during VBS
  • Offer personalized mentorship and counselling to the youth.


A major project run by the youth is selling of merchandise with an aim to contribute to the ongoing sanctuary project.
The group also plans to install a DSTV dish to broadcast World Cup matches. This will promote social growth and responsible entertainment among the youth.


  • Youth week: 1st week of May: activities involve: Community service, programmes enhancing interaction, worship experience, skills training
  • Dinners during Valentines and Xmas
  • Retreats: visits to various places in the country
  • Sports day
  • Youth convention


  • Valentines getaway at Kichakani, Ol bolosat in Nyandarua County which was well attended
  • Increase in membership/ attendance of youth service. This has also improved spiritual growth evidenced by increased volunteering of youth in church activities and in the youth service
  • The group has managed to get an elder and a district.
  • Raising funds for the sanctuary by selling merchandise during church services
  • Successful Youth Sunday events in which the Youth run both English and Kiswahili services
  • The holy communion is now offered to the Youth Every month
  • A successful Youth band

Youth Officials with their Elder, Joyce Ngugi and Moderator, Rev. Simon Kamande
The Youth during service in the Youth Tent